St. Paul Junior High and High School

Thursday, October 11, 2018


Cafeteria Menu: Chicken quesadilla, corn, veggie tray, applesauce.  The menu for tomorrow will be:  Mini corn dogs, carrots, pineapple, cookie.   (Alternate meal option:  Turkey wrap or a chef salad.  Must sign up in the office before 9:00am if you want a salad).

Happy Birthday to:  Kennedy Stang.

Cafeteria Monitor: Mr. Harrington                                                 Parking Lot:  Mrs.  Lucas


  1. 1.         UNIVERSITY OF FINDLAY will be here right after school today in the library for those students who signed up.  If you did not sign up and would still like to speak to the rep, please do so. 
  1. 2.         ALL JUNIORS will be participating in Finances 101 today.  The bus leaves at 8:25am and students will return by 10:40am. 
  1. 3.         ALL FRESHMEN will be attending Future Makers Manufacturing Day at Ehove today.  The bus will leave at 10:55 and students will return by 1:15pm.  The Freshmen will be excused for lunch at 10:30.
  1. 4.         MOCK TRIAL sign up in Mrs. Meyer’s room at lunch today for high school students.
  1. 5.         LIVE TO LEAD seminar will be held tomorrow. The students attending will be absent until 1:40pm.

Regan Olak     Kaitlyn Bryant            Kallahan Stoll             Lauren Chandler        Jovana Romero

Cam Caizzo    Lars Livengood           Nate Tokarsky            Maggie Centa             Syd Herner

Grant Houck   Montserrat Carrillo    Jacob Bacca                Jude Sweet                  Ryan Walker

Holly Powers  Sara Scavuzzo             Jordan Shepherd        Lilly Dowdell               Zack Stine

  1. 6.        VETERANS HONOR TRIP the following will be attending in Washington and will be absent tomorrow:  Raquel Taggart, Jarret Schaffer, Jackson Cook.
  1. 7.         STUDENTS if you are eating your lunch in the courtyard, please bring all your trash back to the cafeteria to dispose of it.  Food in the outside barrels is attracting bees.  
  1. 8.          HIGH SCHOOL ACADEMIC CHALLENGE meeting Monday at lunch in room 22. Bring your lunch.
  1. 9.         SATURDAY SCHOOL this weekend is with Mrs. Swiger from 8:00am-1:00pm.  Please use the Main Street entrance. 
  1. 10.     REMINDER to the following students who will be serving lunch today since the Freshmen will not be here:  Megan Lesch, Kathleen McKinney, Bowen Olcott, Olivia Switalski, Anthony Meyer, Xavier Smith.